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Our Story

Established in 2011 by Kristyn Caley, L’Académie brings the highest quality dance and ballet tuition to the Inner West, assuring every student receives expert attention in a caring and nuturing environment.

L’Académie specialises in the Vaganova Method and RAD Ballet We also offer Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Acrobatic Arts, Performance Groups and Body Conditioning and is the parent school of Sugarplums for toddlers and pre-schoolers, which teaches the basics of dance in fun-filled group classes. Please use the tabs above to explore further or Contact Us today for more info on which class would best suit your child.

Teaching Philosophy

L’Académie is a classical ballet school specialising in the Vaganova Method and Royal Academy Syllabus, the world’s leading organisation in classical ballet education.

We acknowledge each student and their individual learning path, and pride ourselves on our expertise in pedagogy, enabling each student to reach their full potential.

L’Académie classes for Pre Primary and above:

  • Value technique as a foundation for all forms of dance
  • Instil a sense of presence and dynamics in a dancer’s movement
  • Facilitate an encouraging environment, coupled with hard work and patience, which ensures students reach their full potential.

Sugarplums classes for ages 2 to 5:

  • Create a strong base for any dance specialisation
  • Emphasise learning skills that will be important in a child’s future development (both in and beyond the classroom).
  • Are based on ballet technique and teach co-ordination, balance, rhythm and musicality.

All dance classes are taught in fully equipped, air-conditioned and purpose built studios in Ashfield.